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Two Opportunities to Ditch the Car This Week

Walker Evans Walker Evans

It’s no secret that Columbus is an auto-centric city. Many commuters drive their cars to every destination they visit every single day. Several local organizations are challenging citizens to see if they can try rethinking their commute. On Friday, September 18th, Columbus will take part once again in the national PARK(ing) Day event, that transforms […]


New Proposal to Ban Texting While Driving in Ohio

Walker Evans Walker Evans New Proposal to Ban Texting While Driving in Ohio

Cleveland has already banned the practice of texting while driving, and the City of Bexley is working on something similar. According to an article in today’s Dispatch, the issue is moving state-wide as a new house proposal aims to make texting while driving illegal throughout all of Ohio. The language of the new proposal states […]


XINGColumbus Analyzes High Crash Intersections

Walker Evans Walker Evans

From XINGColumbus: Top 40 High Crash Intersections in Franklin County By John Wirtz Okay, so Cleveland & Morse has the highest crash frequency of any intersection in Franklin County. Does that make it “the worst” intersection?  In short, no. More important than crash frequencies are crash rates. The number of crashes at an intersection can […]

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Ohio Highway Speed Limit Could Rise to 70MPH

Walker Evans Walker Evans

From 10tv.com: Bill Would Raise Ohio’s Top Speed Limit To 70 MPH Ohio lawmakers planned to begin debating a bill on Wednesday to raise Ohio’s speed limit to 70 mph on certain roads. If passed, Ohio would join 32 other states that have raised the speed limit to 70 mph or higher. [Read More]


Xing Columbus Wants to Know about Your Commute

Walker Evans Walker Evans

John Wirtz has posted up a question on the local transportation blog Xing Columbus, and he wants to know if your commute sucks, and if so… why does it suck? The question has been recently posed nationally with a new online campaign rolled out by the Transportation for America group, which as John notes, seems […]


Local Blogger Helping With Ford’s Viral Marketing

Walker Evans Walker Evans

From 10tv.com: Mom Helping With Car’s Viral Marketing A Columbus woman is one of 100 people who were chosen to drive Ford’s Fiesta automobile for free for six months. Ford selected Alaina Sheer as one of the winners from more than 4,000 entries. Sheer writes a blog intended for single mothers called Ms. Single Mama. […]


Proposal to set auto insurance rate by neighborhood

Walker Evans Walker Evans

From NBC4i.com: Could Your Neighborhood Dictate Your Insurance Rate? By AMANDA MURPHY An Ohio Senator is proposing new legislation, saying residents in Columbus’ safest neighborhoods are overpaying because insurance companies are required to set rates based on the city you live in, not your neighborhood. Under a newly proposed law, if you live in an […]


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