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The intersection of Broad and High streets is considered the hub of Downtown, which spans 2.2 square miles. The area is home to the Ohio Statehouse, the Franklin County Courthouse, the Lazarus Building, LeVeque Tower, Columbus Commons and the Scioto Mile, as well as numerous restaurants and residential developments.

Two-Way Gay Street Almost Finished. Who’s Next?

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Now that the restoration of Gay Street into a two-way street is almost finished, I think it’s time to figure out where the next conversion should be. I know the city has plans to restore quite a few of the downtown one-way thoroughfares back into pedestrian-friendly, landscaped boulevards that will invite people to do more […]


CCAD Building an Urban Campus Downtown

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Columbus Alive wrote District discovery by Brittany Kress October 11th, 2007 About 10 years ago, Columbus College of Art and Design administrators decided that a jumble of old, bunker-like buildings didn’t make a campus, especially for creative students. So they drew up some plans, planted a massive red “Art” sculpture in the center of campus […]


Morton’s for Sweetest Day! October 20

Anne Evans Anne Evans

Looking for a special way to celebrate Sweetest Day this year? Why not head to Morton’s The Steakhouse for a delicious Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake. The hot, molten chocolate center is guaranteed to make your sweetie melt with delight! Each month, Morton’s serves more than 31,000 of these tasty cakes worldwide. The dense chocolate cake […]


Gay St. building could help drive street’s revival

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Columbus Dispatch wrote Gay St. building sold at auction Tuesday, October 9, 2007 By Mike Pramik Out-of-state investors offered the winning bid of nearly $1.5 million for the four-story building at 1 E. Gay St., the former headquarters of Modern Finance and also a Dollar Federal Savings Bank office. The circa-1900 building was empty […]

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Downtown living has perks, say residents

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Columbus Dispatch wrote Downtown living has perks, say residents Sunday, September 30, 2007 By Debbie Gebolys Nearly halfway through Mayor Michael B. Coleman’s 10-year plan to add 10,000 Downtown housing units, the city announced plans last week to buy downtrodden Columbus City Center. A day earlier, developers of just-built Carlyles Watch said they’ll auction […]


Due Amici handles brunch but struggles at dinner

Walker Evans Walker Evans

This Week News wrote Due Amici handles brunch with skill but struggles at dinner Thursday, September 27, 2007 Gary Seman Jr. At Due Amici it’s an a la carte proposition on Saturday and Sunday, which is good for people who try to avoid the all-you-can-eat propositions. The egg-centric menu offers up good fare and reasonable […]


Shop Talk: Terry & Cathy Daniels

Walker Evans Walker Evans Shop Talk: Terry & Cathy Daniels

The Columbus Dispatch wrote SHOP TALK: Terry & Cathy Daniels Thursday, September 27, 2007 By Kristy Eckert Describe your shop, which sells clothing and accessories for men and women. Terry: We like to call it really a fusion of contemporary and classic designs. You teamed with Zettler Hardware, across the street, to push for the […]

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