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Mark Pi’s new concept at South Campus Gateway

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The following discussion is about the new restaurant ideas that Mark Pi’s is bringing to the South Campus Gateway and to Powell.


Bagels only the beginning at Spinelli’s Deli

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote Bagels only the beginning at Victorian Village eatery Thursday, August 21, 2008 BY NICK CHORDAS Don’t misunderstand: Joe Spinelli loves bagels. It’s just that, after four years as a Manhattan Bagel franchisee, he grew a little tired of selling nothing but circular pieces of dough with a hole in the middle. So, […]


Sage American Bistro: Restaurant Widow Review

Walker Evans Walker Evans

RestaurantWidow.com wrote Sage American Bistro Sunday, June 15, 2008 I always get excited to hear a new restaurant is opening, but when it’s right in my neck of the woods, I get really excited. There just isn’t much in the North Campus/South Clintonville area (I am sure to get attacked for that, but go ahead […]


Old Bag of Nails in Bexley

 Motorist Old Bag of Nails in Bexley

Has anyone been by the new building going up to replace the old Old Bag that burned down last year? I haven’t found a picture online of it or gone by to take on myself but, wow, that thing looks awful. They do have what looks like a pretty large deck on the creek side […]


Sage American Bistro replacing Kitchen Lounge




Avesta Eclectic Cuisine Closed


Seen on a Delaware message board: Tuesday Sep 18 I just want the Delaware community to know that a really great restaurant is behind driven out of business. Avesta Saaty has been serving delicious Middle Eastern fare at 12 S. Sandusky St. for the last five years, but is closing tonight due to failed lease […]


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