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Couchfire Collective

The Couchfire Collective is a group who share a common drive to progress as individual artists, develop as a collective, and to raise the profile of Columbus’ creative community. Their mission is to provide artists and art patrons with diverse opportunities to make connections and become active participants in the local arts scene. More can be found at www.TheCouchfire.org.

The End of Junctionview Studios

Walker Evans Walker Evans The End of Junctionview Studios

For the better part of the past decade, Junctionview Studios has stood at the center of the Columbus creative community. While the familiar warehouse-turned-art-studios type of venue has been done before, two important things set Junctionview apart from many others. First was its community of artists willing to open their arms beyond their own circles […]

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Bryan Kossmann Tapped as New President of Couchfire Collective

Walker Evans Walker Evans Bryan Kossmann Tapped as New President of Couchfire Collective

The Couchfire Collective independent arts organization is celebrating their fifth anniversary in 2011 with a transition in leadership. Co-founder and past president Adam Brouillette is handing over the reigns to two-year Couchfire member Bryan Kossmann. “I am excited to take on this responsibility,” said Kossman. “While the direction of the group may change in the […]


GCAC Presents: Independent Arts Groups Aid Artists

 Craig Sonnenberg and Jennifer Sadler GCAC Presents: Independent Arts Groups Aid Artists

Even in the best economies, making a full-time living as an artist can be daunting. Where, then, can an artist turn for assistance? Fortunately there is a growing community of groups that share ideas, cooperative learning environments and spaces. According to Caitlin Strokosch, executive director for the Alliance of Artist Communities, an international association of […]

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Best Arts Organization of 2009: Couchfire Collective

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The art scene in Columbus contains a diverse landscape of large and small organizations with a variety of purposes and missions. In 2009, we continued to see a surge of support behind some of our smaller groups, as evidenced by the organization voted up to the number one spot in our reader’s poll: The Couchfire […]


CU Podcast #17: Agora 6 Preview

Walker Evans Walker Evans

In this week’s ColumbusUnderground.com Podcast, we stop by Junctionview Studios to chat with Adam Brouillette, Mike Litzau, and Laura Alexander (three members of the Couchfire Collective) about Agora 6 which takes place on Saturday May 16th. This year’s Agora will feature more art and music than before as well as the addition of food vendors, […]


Couchfire Collective Featured in The Dispatch

Walker Evans Walker Evans

From The Dispatch: Couchfire Collective turns an old warehouse into a hotbed of talent By Kevin Joy As president of the fledgling Couchfire Collective, Adam Brouillette has witnessed rapid growth and heavy word-of-mouth in an organization not yet 3 years old. Couchfire’s home base is Junctionview Studios, a 25,000-square-foot warehouse near the edge of Grandview […]


Collectives Bringing People Together in Columbus

Anne Evans Anne Evans

Columbus is home to many talented and bright people. Often members of the “creative class” work independently, but it is becoming common for them to combine forces as a collective group. This way they are able to advance as individuals, but also raise the profile of the collective group to open more opportunities for each […]


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