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9 Great Neighborhood Wine Shops in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans 9 Great Neighborhood Wine Shops in Columbus

Wine is not a product that is hard to come by in Columbus. Every grocery store has a selection, some of which have grown to be pretty impressive in recent years. Even CVS has a wine shelf (even if they did just stop selling cigarettes, which means wine is still classified as a healthy product, right?). […]


The List: 7 Great Places to Get Your Growl On in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans The List: 7 Great Places to Get Your Growl On in Columbus

When it comes to beer trends, growlers are certainly all the rage in Columbus right now. Just about every local brewery is now filling growlers of their own concoctions, and grocery stores are even getting into the mix with places like Whole Foods (pictured up top), Weiland’s and even some Giant Eagle locations offering to […]


Third Time’s The Charm for Gay St. Coffee Shop?

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The retail space in the Carlyle’s Watch Building has had a lot of quick turnover during it’s very short lifespan. It opened in November 2007 as Cornerstone Coffee and lasted just over a year. It reopened as Coffee and More this spring, but only lasted a few months. Now, the space is back as the […]


“Coffee and More” Coming Soon to Gay Street

Walker Evans Walker Evans

I just noticed on my jog this morning that the old Cornerstone Coffee at Third and Gay has signs in the window: “Coming Soon – Coffee and More.” There are already some new stools lining the window tables. Nice to see that that location is not going to sit there vacant for very long. Now… […]


Cornerstone Coffee closing end of January

 Submitted News

The Coffee Quadrangle (Brioso, Cornerstone, Starbucks, & Dunkin Donuts) will be short one coffee option (leaving only a coffee triangle, it lacks alliteration) come February. Unfortunately, this little space on the corner of Gay and 3rd (with a great view of Gay St.) in the Carlyles building wasn’t able to make it through a difficult […]


Cornerstone Coffee Coming Soon to Third and Gay


I just popped my head into the retail space in Carlyle’s Watch and asked one of the contractors what type of business was moving into the space. He told me it is going to be Cornerstone Coffee. With Starbucks in the Key Bank building and at Broad and High, Cafe Brioso at Gay and High, […]


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