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Ohio Grown Expo

  Ohio Grown Expo

Head to Indoor Gardens Columbus East on October 6th for our biggest event of the year! Formerly Customer Appreciation Day, the Ohio Grown Fall Expo will feature more vendors and industry experts, bigger raffles and huge discounts at this one day only FREE event. If you are a current gardener, thinking about starting your own […]

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A Container Herb Garden

  A Container Herb Garden

If you have limited time and space to grow plants, but long for fresh herbs at your fingertips, this class is for you. Find out the best combinations of herbs to start in outdoor pots, and what mixture of soil, water and fertilizer will allow them to continue to grow so you can enjoy them […]

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Q&A with Chris Cerveny, Plant Food Scientist

Walker Evans Walker Evans Q&A with Chris Cerveny, Plant Food Scientist

One of the most active ongoing discussions on the Columbus Underground Messageboard is entitled “How Does Your Garden Grow?” It’s become a great place for our readers to share stories of their backyard garden adventures and misadventures. Since Columbus Underground is celebrating Gardening Week this week, we thought it would be a great idea to […]

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Backyard Gardening Continues to Grow in Popularity in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans Backyard Gardening Continues to Grow in Popularity in Columbus

Urban gardening, backyard gardening, container gardening… all are hot topics here on Columbus Underground that reemerge each spring as our regular readers discuss strategies, tactics and tips on how to produce the best produce right at home. There are many reasons to consider growing a backyard garden, and more and more people in Columbus are […]

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Gardening for small spaces

Anne Evans Anne Evans Gardening for small spaces

If you like to garden, but find yourself a bit short on space, you may want to consider a few of these ideas. If you have even just a small patio, that’s probably enough room for you to place a container, and if it is getting at least 8 hours of sun (full sun) per […]


Plant Soon for a Fall/Winter Vegetable Garden


Many people put their garden beds to rest after the tomatoes have ripened, but that need not be the case. Now is the time to plan and prepare for fall vegetable garden plantings, also called succession planting. It’s a great time to start gardening even if you’ve never grown food for yourself! If you want […]


Small Space Gardening for Edibles


Growing food ourselves is seeing a resurgence in popularity, at least in part due to concerns about the economy. Thanks to Greg Maynard’s vision, even Goodale Park has edible plants tucked into flower beds this year. (Have you spotted them?) If you’re not someone with an open, sunny backyard, you might not think you can […]



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