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Construction Roundup

Keep tabs on the various urban development projects in Columbus as we provide photo documentation of the construction work in progress.

Construction Roundup — July 2012

Walker Evans Walker Evans Construction Roundup — July 2012

The hot weather and lack of rain has been terrible for vegetation, but great for construction crews around the city that are moving forward with projects in just about every place you look. Apartment developments seeing action this month include Liberty Place, Wonder Bread, Tribeca, 600 Goodale, Grandview Yard, Lennox Flats, Wood Companies and Born. There’s […]


Construction Roundup — June 2012

Walker Evans Walker Evans Construction Roundup — June 2012

Construction continues throughout the summer all throughout Columbus. We have photo updates below on construction projects including Grandview Yard, the Wonder Bread Lofts, the Wood Companies Apartments, the Born Brewery Apartments, the Tribeca Edwards Communities development on Third Avenue, ongoing construction in the Arena District, continued redevelopment work on Interstates 670 and 71 through Downtown and more. Click on […]


Construction Roundup — April 2012

Walker Evans Walker Evans Construction Roundup — April 2012

It seems like you can’t walk, drive or bike a mile in any direction without encountering some form of construction, demolition or roadway work in Columbus right now. Major transformational projects are taking place in and around Downtown, including new apartments at Grandview Yard, a new Edwards Communities development on Third Avenue, the new Lennox […]


Construction Roundup – March 2012

Walker Evans Walker Evans Construction Roundup – March 2012

A warm winter means that construction on many developments throughout Columbus have all progressed quickly over the past few months. Today we visited some of these projects for an update to our Construction Roundup photo series. The updates include a look at single family homes in Weinland Park, apartments at Grandview Yard, multiple new Arena District […]


Construction Roundup – January 2012

Walker Evans Walker Evans Construction Roundup – January 2012

A sunny Sunday afternoon in January made for a perfect opportunity for another addition to our regular Construction Roundup photo series. This time around, we took visited sites where new apartments are being constructed behind The Lennox, on East Long Street, in the Brewery District and at Grandview Yard. We also took note of progress throughout The Arena […]


Construction Roundup – December 2011

Walker Evans Walker Evans Construction Roundup – December 2011

The warm weather we’ve been having so far this winter (knock on wood) has been great for construction work around the City of Columbus. The two tallest and most noticeable buildings currently under construction are the new Downtown Hilton Hotel and the OSU Medical Center expansion. Other projects include the new Nationwide office building Downtown, […]


Construction Roundup – August 2011

Walker Evans Walker Evans Construction Roundup – August 2011

There’s only a few tall cranes working on larger development projects in Columbus at the moment, and a whole lot of ground-level work on streets, sidewalks, planters and utilities. The contrast makes for an interesting set of photos in this month’s construction update collection — half are pointed upward toward the sky, the other half […]


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