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Best Civic Leader of 2009: Mayor Michael Coleman

Walker Evans Walker Evans

For the second year in a row, Mayor Michael B. Coleman has topped our “Best Civic Leader” category in our annual reader’s poll. This result shows a strong showing of support for our city’s mayor despite a turbulent year filled with many ups and downs. The administration was forced to make drastic cuts early in […]


A New Push for Public Art Funding in 2010

Walker Evans Walker Evans

An article in today’s Dispatch provides new details about Mayor Coleman’s push to revive the Columbus Art Commission that would oversee a new public art program. The program could end up mirroring what other cities throughout the country utilize, where around 1% of the budget of any new city-funded construction projects would be set aside […]


Online Petition for Parking Meter Rate Increase

Walker Evans Walker Evans

In November, Columbus’ Director of Public Service imposed a unilateral 50% parking meter rate increase throughout Columbus. The policy was approved by the mayor. Due to the way Columbus’ policies are written, neither city council nor the general populace were invited to weigh in on the final plan, muchless question its validity. Every parking meter […]


Credit Card Parking Meters to Roll Out in May 2010

Walker Evans Walker Evans

After a massive wave of public outcry regarding the ongoing 50% rate hike to parking meters throughout the urban neighborhoods of Columbus, the city is trying to make amends. 720 new smart meter heads will start to be rolled out in May 2010, which will accept credit cards in addition to coins. A civic working […]


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