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Decision on OSU Bike Share Near, Concerns Raised over Connectivity

Brent Warren Brent Warren Decision on OSU Bike Share Near, Concerns Raised over Connectivity

An Ohio State University working group, which has been working for nearly a year on a plan to bring bike sharing to campus, is planning to announce their recommendations this month. Bids were due last week from five different vendors, including CoGo, the bike share system that launched in 2013 with 30 stations and 300 […]


Mayoral Candidate Terry Boyd’s “$2 Million” Claim is False

Jesse Bethea Jesse Bethea Mayoral Candidate Terry Boyd’s “$2 Million” Claim is False

Last week, Columbus Underground interviewed Terry Boyd, Republican candidate for mayor. At one point in that interview, Boyd was asked how strenuous he expected the campaign to be, and he answered “I think it’s going to take a tremendous effort, because let’s face it, the Partnership, the Columbus Partnership has pledged over $2 million for […]


OSU Takes RAs on a Secret Tour of Columbus

Jesse Bethea Jesse Bethea OSU Takes RAs on a Secret Tour of Columbus

On Friday night, 400 Ohio State University Resident Assistants boarded buses at North Market with no idea where they were going. “We have been told we’re going to 20 locations and we’re stopping at a couple of them,” said Alexa Norris, an RA from Coshocton. “Everything has been very secretive.” The secret bus tour was […]

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Columbus Partnership Releases Statement on School Levy Result

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The results have not fully been tallied, but The Columbus Partnership is ready to call Issues 50 and 51 as failing at the ballot box today. (Update: The levy opposition also released a statement this evening, which can be FOUND HERE.) The full press release issued by Alex Fisher, President & CEO of The Columbus […]

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200Columbus Celebrates Our City in 2012

Walker Evans Walker Evans 200Columbus Celebrates Our City in 2012

If you weren’t aware that the City of Columbus is turning 200 years old in 2012, then you’re either a brand new resident or you’ve been living under a rock. But what exactly is being planned for our bicentennial celebration has been a bit more hazy and is only just now starting to be revealed. […]


Fahlgren Tapped for New Columbus Branding Effort

Walker Evans Walker Evans

It was announced yesterday that Fahlgren Advertising has been selected to spearhead new branding, imaging and marketing efforts across multiple local organizations including Experience Columbus, the Greater Columbus Sports Commission, the Columbus Chamber, Columbus2020!, The Columbus Partnership and the Columbus Bicentennial Commission. The concept of branding our city and creating a consistent message for marketing […]


A Fresh Start on Columbus Economic Development

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The futuristic-sounding year of 2020 is less than a decade away, and Alex Fischer wants to make sure that the city of Columbus is firing on all cylinders by the time we get there. As the President and CEO of the Columbus Partnership, Fischer has helped to spearhead the Columbus2020 project, which is a new […]


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