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The Killer Capsules of ’25

Bucky Cutright Bucky Cutright The Killer Capsules of ’25

During the last week of January 1925, a terrible mystery began to unfurl at The Ohio State University. Not only was it a riddle that would leave two students dead, nearly kill four others and baffle detectives and scholars for decades, but it would also alter the way in which one field of study is […]

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The Hair-Raising History of the Winter Holidays

Bucky Cutright Bucky Cutright The Hair-Raising History of the Winter Holidays

Ready or not, that time of cheer, goodwill, festive gatherings and indulgent feasts usually referred to as “the holidays” is upon us. While all those aspects of the season ring of joy, let’s be honest, they rarely come alone. They often bring with them frantic quests to find a perfect gift, maddeningly repetitious play lists, […]

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The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of Mt. Calvary

Bucky Cutright Bucky Cutright The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of Mt. Calvary

Thousands of people pass it each day without so much as a thought; the small hill dotted with tombstones near the old Cooper Stadium on the city’s near west side. The place is called Mt. Calvary Cemetery. It was founded in 1865 to replace the urban St. Patrick graveyard that once occupied the land where […]

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Foliage, Frights & Fun: Fall Travel in Ohio

Susan Post Susan Post Foliage, Frights & Fun: Fall Travel in Ohio

It’s finally feeling like fall. Bring on the apple cider, all things pumpkin and changing leaves. Experiencing all four seasons is one of the perks of living in Ohio, and fall provides the ideal backdrop to see, taste and explore all the state has to offer. Grab your scarf and decide which fall adventure fits […]

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Cave Ghosts of Hocking Hills

Bucky Cutright Bucky Cutright Cave Ghosts of Hocking Hills

Not today, not tomorrow, but soon, the leaves are going to change into a brief explosion of autumn hues. When they do, people from across Columbus will head south to one of the city’s favorite fall playgrounds, Hocking Hills State Park. Let’s face it, the gorges, waterfalls, cliffs and caves of the region are a […]

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Central Ohio’s Sordid History of Grave Robbing

Bucky Cutright Bucky Cutright Central Ohio’s Sordid History of Grave Robbing

September in Columbus can be magical. Students have returned to school with fresh optimism for the upcoming year. The heat and humidity of the Ohio summer have wound down and, as a majority of the city’s population prepares to scream themselves hoarse cheering on the Buckeyes, so draws to a close the city’s summer festival […]

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