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NEXT: The Future of (Bio)Coding

David Staley David Staley NEXT: The Future of (Bio)Coding

We wait with impatience for the widespread vaccination of the population. The news about COVID-19 has lately been focused on the relatively rapid speed with which the vaccines were produced. In what is usually a years-long process, the Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are now being injected—albeit slowly—in American arms.   What has been notable about the rollout […]

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NEXT: Neo-Essentialism and Post-COVID Philosophy

David Staley David Staley NEXT: Neo-Essentialism and Post-COVID Philosophy

I anticipate that one of the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will be the emergence of a new philosophical movement. Like existentialism in the 1950s or transcendentalism in the early nineteenth century, this movement will be sparked by the thoughts of philosophers and intellectuals, but the ideas will soon extend out into broader public discussion, […]

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NEXT: Zoom Globalization

David Staley David Staley NEXT: Zoom Globalization

A curious phenomenon has been happening at our CreativeMornings Columbus event series. Ever since we moved into Zoom, a number of people from outside Columbus have been attending our events. We’ve had participants from Detroit and New York, but also from Mexico City and Stockholm as well. In May, I hosted a design event over Zoom that […]

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NEXT: Seeing the Unforeseen Effects of Technology

David Staley David Staley NEXT: Seeing the Unforeseen Effects of Technology

Why are some future effects of technology “unforeseen,” and is there anything that can be done to prevent this?  A recent white paper from the consulting firm McKinsey explored the future of the “Bio Revolution.” Their analysis anticipated that the leading sectors in biotech over the next decade would include biomolecules, meaning the engineering of […]

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NEXT: Scioto, Ohio – A Story

David Staley David Staley NEXT: Scioto, Ohio – A Story

What follows is not a prediction. It is a plausible scenario written in the form of a “history from the future.” The scenario is written as if the year were 2030… On July 1, 2026, City Council announced a change to the city charter, renaming the city of Columbus as “Scioto.” While there had been earlier […]

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NEXT: Voice

David Staley David Staley NEXT: Voice

Many of us have had to learn how to change the way we speak when in the presence of an Alexa device. In order to make certain it (she?) understands me, I find I must change the way I speak when addressing Alexa, especially the manner in which I frame a question. Voice-interfaces with computers and artificial […]

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NEXT: The Politics of Trees

David Staley David Staley NEXT: The Politics of Trees

Two notable events in the news the past few days involved our stewardship of trees.   Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil, fired the Director-General of his country’s National Institute for Space Research because the agency revealed that deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest has increased dramatically. Since Bolsonaro took office in January 2019, there has […]

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