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Review: Western Pancake House

 columbusfoodie Review: Western Pancake House

As I’ve said previously, we’re always on the prowl for new breakfast joints; places we can go after our Saturday morning farmers market runs, places where we can get off our feet and enjoy a nice meal and each other’s company. After reading the article in the Dispatch about the reopening of Western Pancake House, […]


Review: Caffe DaVinci

 columbusfoodie Review: Caffe DaVinci

In every restaurant I’ve reviewed, no matter what the type, I’ve always tried to look at the positives. Maybe I’ve turned into an Italian food snob. Maybe I expected too much. But unfortunately, I was unable to find a single thing about this restaurant that I liked. Caffe DaVinci is the next incarnation of the […]


Breakfast Review: The Grill & Skillet

 columbusfoodie Breakfast Review: The Grill & Skillet

My family has a weekend tradition – this year, after heading to the farmers markets on Saturday mornings, we’ve been stopping at area restaurants for breakfast, or if it’s been late enough when we got there, brunch or lunch. Grill and Skillet has come recommended to me by a couple of different people, so we […]


Louie’s Grill: Tex-Mex/Cuban Fusion in Hilliard

 columbusfoodie Louie’s Grill: Tex-Mex/Cuban Fusion in Hilliard

It’s inevitable that Louie’s Grill, the fairly new Tex-Mex/Cuban fusion bistro in Hilliard, gets compared to Starliner Diner – they share quite a few things – many menu items are identical, they’re both located on Cemetary Road, and Louie, the chef/owner, was Starliner Diner’s head chef for 12 years. But that’s where the similarities end. […]


Review: Handke’s Cuisine

 columbusfoodie Review: Handke’s Cuisine

We just heard the news the other day that Handke’s Cuisine would be closing on June 20th. Even though this visit took place back in December, I decided that I would go ahead and post the review now, just in case you wanted to give it a try before it’s gone forever… Handke’s Cuisine has […]


North Market Apron Gala Photo Review

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The 13th Annual North market Apron Gala took place on Saturday night, and was a wonderful mix of sights, smells, and tastes for all in attendance. Columbus Foodie has already got some of her photos uploaded to Flickr, and a review is probably forthcoming on her website. We can’t help but jump the gun a […]


Review: Chasi’s Place BBQ


This past weekend was a great one – one full of new food discoveries. Just when I think I’ve had everything that Columbus has to offer, I make one new discovery after another. I’ve been on the lookout for new food trucks ever since Taco Trucks Columbus came to fruition, but this was the first […]


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