Best Arts Organization of 2009: Couchfire Collective

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The art scene in Columbus contains a diverse landscape of large and small organizations with a variety of purposes and missions. In 2009, we continued to see a surge of support behind some of our smaller groups, as evidenced by the organization voted up to the number one spot in our reader’s poll: The Couchfire […]


Introducing The SoHud Music Collective

 Submitted News

It’s hard being an independent artist in a big city full of talent. Between writing, recording, practicing and performing, most bands do not have the time or resources to effectively promote their music. The SoHud Music Collective was formed in January of 2009 as a free resource for local bands in Columbus, OH. We provide […]


Collectives Bringing People Together in Columbus

Anne Evans Anne Evans

Columbus is home to many talented and bright people. Often members of the “creative class” work independently, but it is becoming common for them to combine forces as a collective group. This way they are able to advance as individuals, but also raise the profile of the collective group to open more opportunities for each […]


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