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New Movies, Direct to You

Hope Madden Hope Madden New Movies, Direct to You

What are you watching with all your new spare time? Because the cinematic landscape is shifting sand underfoot right now. Some independent films slated for release this spring have opted to skip theatrical and move directly to streaming, like one really solid biopic you can catch Friday. Other studio films—the ones with truncated theatrical releases […]

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Guns & Ghosts to Liven Up Your January

George Wolf George Wolf Guns & Ghosts to Liven Up Your January

January drags on with more mediocre to disappointing films, unless you look a little harder. Oscar nominee for best foreign language film Les Miserable (do not expect to sing along) finally lands in CBUS and Alfre Woodard gives a full-blown clinic on acting with her latest, Clemency. There’s also great dance doc at the Wex, […]

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