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Driving While Texting Could Soon Become a Primary Offense in Ohio

Ohio Capital Journal Ohio Capital Journal Driving While Texting Could Soon Become a Primary Offense in Ohio

By David C. DeWitt A Democratic Ohio House member introduced legislation last Tuesday that would make using cell phones while driving a primary offense, meaning law enforcement would be able to pull over drivers they observe using them. Currently, this is a secondary offense, meaning the driver would have to be pulled over for a separate […]

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Texting While Driving Ban May be Coming Soon to Ohio

Walker Evans Walker Evans Texting While Driving Ban May be Coming Soon to Ohio

Texting while under the influence of driving has been illegal within the City of Columbus (and a few other suburban cities) for over a year now, but soon there could be a statewide ban intended to crack down on this deadly activity. “Texting while driving is one of the most dangerous forms of distracted driving […]


Texting While Driving Now Illegal in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Last month, Columbus City Councilmember Andrew Ginther hosted multiple public hearings to discuss the issue of texting while driving. This evening, a city ordinance was passed unanimously by present members of City Council to make the practice illegal. The ordinance is worded to ban text messaging, checking or sending email, web surfing, social networking applications […]


Sprint & Verizon Opening Downtown Stores

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Downtown will be seeing the addition of not one, but two new cell phone provider store locations in the near future as both Sprint and Verizon prepare new locations for opening. Edit: We’ve found out that these are not official Verizon and Sprint stores, but Verizon and Sprint providers. Sprint provider Preferred Wireless will be […]


City Council Considers Ban on Texting While Driving

Walker Evans Walker Evans

A special public hearing will be held next Tuesday, March 9th at 5pm at City Hall to discuss a City Code amendment that will address issues related to cell phone texting while driving an automobile. Councilmember Andrew J. Ginther, Chair of the Public Safety Committee, is spearheading the effort and intends to introduce some form […]


New Proposal to Ban Texting While Driving in Ohio

Walker Evans Walker Evans New Proposal to Ban Texting While Driving in Ohio

Cleveland has already banned the practice of texting while driving, and the City of Bexley is working on something similar. According to an article in today’s Dispatch, the issue is moving state-wide as a new house proposal aims to make texting while driving illegal throughout all of Ohio. The language of the new proposal states […]


Should Columbus Have a Cell-Phone Driving Ban?

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Earlier this week Cleveland City Council proposed to ban the use of cell phones while operating an automobile and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson has stated that he supports the proposal. Their proposal calls for a warning on the first offense, a $100 ticket on the second, and $250 tickets after that. Currently, the use of […]


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