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Buying Local at the Grocery Store: Hills Market


Eating local food matters. Farmers’ markets have never been more popular. On any given Saturday morning, in any given community across the U.S. (including metro-Columbus), thousands of people descend upon their downtown to look at fresh fruits and veggies, homemade baked goods and organic, free-range meats, from local farmers. And it’s becoming easier to follow […]


Strawberries are ripe in Ohio – ready to eat?


Eating local food matters. Consumers are buying organic and looking for the term “free range” on their meats. However, nothing compares to being able to ask a farmer about produce and meats. When it’s on a package, you have to trust – the government, the company … When you eat local, you can ask first-hand […]


Food Justice: Take A Bite Out Of Culinary Crime!

crsimp01 crsimp01

You will not find any super heroes here or at least find anyone wearing a cape and possessing extraordinary powers. Though, you will find people spreading the word that what you are eating may be contributing to the destruction of your well-being. Their weapon of choice: educating the public that you don’t have to be […]


Pearl Market Opens Downtown Today

Anne Evans Anne Evans

Mayor Michael B. Coleman will be heading up the opening kick-off of the Pearl Market today at 10:30am. Pearl Market is located in Pearl Alley one block north of the Ohio Statehouse. This year over fifty vendors have signed up to bring you wonderful fresh produce, delicious baked goods and one of a kind crafts. After […]


Slow Food – Food Organizations Database Project


One of the most remarkable changes in Columbus, as well as in the country more generally, in the past decade has been the growth in interest in food and food-related issues. This interest has led to a focus on the improvement of all levels of the American food system — improving access to good, clean, […]


Spring is in the air at the Wayward Seed Farm

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Belstar Super Scorzonera, Rose Finn Apple Fingerlings, and Kolibri Kohlrabi. If these words mean nothing to you, then perhaps you need to spend a little more time chatting with Adam and Jamie at Wayward Seed Farm in Marysville. These produce superstars are gearing up for the summer season and bringing all sorts of locally-grown exotic […]


North Market Hosts Ohio Proud Sundays This Summer

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Press Release: North Market Hosts Ohio Proud Sundays Photo by Chris Graham The North Market supports thirty-plus small businesses seven days a week, twenty some farmers on Saturdays during the growing season, fifty odd (in number not in character) artisans on the first and third Sundays from May through October, and now on select Sundays, […]

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