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So Many Good Movies to Stream!

George Wolf George Wolf So Many Good Movies to Stream!

Holy cow there are a lot of viewing options this weekend! Netflix, Shudder, Amazon Prime, VOD, and both Wexner Center and Gateway Film Center virtual screening rooms are loaded. Here are the highlights. Mank On Netflix by George Wolf Since its release in 1941, Citizen Kane has earned such a prodigious place in film and […]

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So, What’s Streaming, Then? Plenty.

Hope Madden Hope Madden So, What’s Streaming, Then? Plenty.

Maybe you want to stay home? For whatever reason, no judgment. If you do, well, you’re in luck because loads of movies are streaming this weekend. Some are so good, too! Sound of Metal On Amazon Prime by Hope Madden Riz Ahmed is a guy who can do anything. He can be funny (Four Lions), […]

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Breathe Deep. Watch a Movie.

Hope Madden Hope Madden Breathe Deep. Watch a Movie.

Quite a week, eh? Who needs a drink and a little escapism? We have that last bit covered. BYOB. Let Him Go In theaters by George Wolf It feels like Kevin Costner and Diane Lane have made ten movies together, doesn’t it? They haven’t, but their low-key and lived-in chemistry keeps you constantly invested in […]

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Spooky Movies and More

Hope Madden Hope Madden Spooky Movies and More

Spooky season has arrived! There are scary movies aplenty this weekend, at the drive-in, in theaters, and online. Not into thrills and chills? Fine biopics and indie dramas are calling for you. Here’s the low down on what you may want to catch this weekend. Possessor Playing at Gateway Film Center, South Drive In. by […]

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Good Flicks at Home, in Theaters and Drive-Ins

George Wolf George Wolf Good Flicks at Home, in Theaters and Drive-Ins

Aside from a couple of stinkers, this weekend offers a bunch of solid viewing options at home, on the big screen and at the drive-in. It’s a particularly good week for people looking to start spooky season a little early, but thrillers, family dramas and much-needed upbeat fare also awaits. Antebellum Available via VOD. by […]

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Dayummm…That’s a Lot of Movies

George Wolf George Wolf Dayummm…That’s a Lot of Movies

Busy week! With more than a dozen new films hitting streaming services this weekend, you honestly have to be able to find something you’ll enjoy. The weird thing is that most of them are good—but there are one or two to look out for. We are here to help you figure it out. I Used […]

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This Week in Movies: Choices Aplenty

George Wolf George Wolf This Week in Movies: Choices Aplenty

Inspirational documentaries, good and bad horror, worse inspirational fictional drivel, and one Ohioan’s hillbilly noir—those are your cinematic options this week. Let us help you pick a winner. The Big Ugly Streaming from all major VOD platforms. by Hope Madden When my son was young, we liked to watch Animal Face-Off, an educational program that […]

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