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Harrison’s goes out of its way to welcome patrons

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote Renovated bar goes out of its way to welcome patrons Friday, November 14, 2008 BY NICK CHORDAS Harrison’s on Third really, really wants to be your friend. That’s why the recently opened Victorian Village bar allowed newsletter subscribers to choose a color scheme, happy-hour specials and a draft beer (alas, Blue Moon […]


The "Worst Bar in Columbus" is closing tonight


The ‘Worst Bar’ on Old Henderson Road off Kenny was just sold over the weekend. SwingColumbus has been holding our weekly event there since February and we just found out last night. The last night is tonight- they’ll be having drink specials and whatnot. They plan to reopen at a new location when they can […]


Owner of Skully’s has purchased High Five


“It’s true”. He will be running it with the current line up of shows and transitioning with a sound system overhaul and a new look / new name for January… Im told the new name will be “Circus”. Should be a very nice addition to the urban reviatlization already occuring around 5th and High.


Martini Park combines bar scene with dining, dancing

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote New York restaurateur to create quieter, more intimate locale that combines bar scene with dining, dancing Tuesday, October 28, 2008 BY BILL CHRONISTER Martini Park, billed as a “playground for grown-ups,” is preparing to open Nov. 6 at 4040 Easton Town Center. In many ways, the massive restaurant and lounge harks back […]


Murph’s On High (formerly Metro) Open for Biz


On the way to High Beck Tavern for some late grease grub last night, We discovered that the old Metro’s, on South High, has been transformed and re-opened as Murph’s On High. We were poured big drinks, served by an engaging bartender, Candy. The owner, Matt Murphy, introduced himself and we had a cool 10-minute […]


The Alive’s Ultimate Bar Guide 2008

Walker Evans Walker Evans

  The Alive wrote The Late Show  Thursday, October 16, 2008 By G.A. Benton There’s only one lousy thing about happy hour – it finishes before you do. Selfish, huh? Which brings us to the pertinent, absorbing and “hey, why was that last stinkin’ drink so freakin’ expensive?” question: Who died and made 4 to […]


Arena District Restaurants Pin Hopes On Blue Jackets

Walker Evans Walker Evans

WBNS 10-TV wrote Arena District Restaurants Pin Hopes On Blue Jackets Friday, October 17, 2008 Restaurants and bars in the Arena District are hoping a winning Blue Jackets team will improve what has been a dismal year for business. The worsening economy has thinned the crowds dining in the downtown entertainment district. “Everyone is claiming […]


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