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“Skillet” Opens Today in old Banana Bean Location

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The original Banana Bean location on Whittier Avenue has had their windows papered up and business closed recently, with a bit of a secretive air as to what was going on inside. Today, Angie Caskey, one of the owners of the Banana Bean Cafe, along with her son and husband are relaunching the space with […]


The Hunt for the Best Brunch in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans

From Restaurant Widow: The Big Brunch Hunt – Banana Bean In our quest to find the best brunch in the city of Columbus, the Brave Brunching Big Ladies met up at Banana Bean last week.  Banana Bean began life as a tiny little spot on Whittier Street in German Village where you didn’t have a […]


Restaurant Review: Banana Bean Cafe

crsimp01 crsimp01

Breakfast From The Liquor Cabinet. There isn’t much new that could surprise me when it comes to breakfast and I would probably eat 99.9% of what is placed in front of me. You see breakfast in my eye is just that good and a trip to Columbus’ Brewery District Banana Bean Cafe at 340 Greenlawn Avenue […]


This Week In Local Food Blogging (3/8/09)

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Lots of activity amongst our finest local food bloggers this past week. Nick (of Breakfast with Nick) hit up the Banana Bean Cafe and gave it an extensive review. There’s a variety of news updates over at Columbus Foodie as well as an impressive lineup of plans for Restaurant Week. Hungrywoolf has written up a […]

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Not Quite in the Mood for Mexican

Walker Evans Walker Evans

In some parts of Columbus it seems like there’s a Mexican restaurant on every corner. We’re blessed to have so many great options, but where do you go when you’re craving other types of Latin cuisine? For starters, there’s always the Colombian and Venezuelan plates at El Arepazo Downtown. If you’re in the mood for […]


Best CU Event of 2008: The 7 Year Anniversary Party

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Throughout 2008, Columbus Underground hosted nearly three dozen events ranging from the monthly happy hours, to movie meetups, to group condo tours, to food eating competitions, to volunteer activities, to many others. Our biggest and best event of 2008 was held in November when we celebrated the 7th Anniversary of ColumbusUnderground.com. The party was held […]

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Banana Bean Opening Second Columbus Location


Hi Everyone! Angela Caskey from the Banana Bean Cafe. We are pleased to announce the purchase of Tavern on the Lawn. We have looked at several locations around town and couldn’t have found one more perfect for us. Through the hard work and effort of Tavern on the Lawn, Jill McDonald has transformed this location […]


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