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Izzy and Mo’s Opens on King Avenue

Rebecca Wagner Rebecca Wagner Izzy and Mo’s Opens on King Avenue

Magdiale Wolmark, the James Beard-nominated chef behind Till Dynamic Fare, has finally opened the doors of the long-anticipated Jewish deli Izzy and Mo’s Luncheonette. Wolmark initally announced plans over three years ago for a donut shop called Glaze, which would occupy the empty space next to Till on 249 King Avenue. Construction began in 2012, but […]

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Setting Sail With Captain Cream Cheese

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Two months ago, a new Short North eatery quietly opened their doors at 1030 North High Street, and if you’re not paying close attention, you may have already walked right by it without realizing it’s there. “Bagels by Captain Cream Cheese” operates during the daytime out of the same side-of-the-building shack where Mikey’s Late Night […]


Bernie’s Bagels & Distillery: A History Lesson

Walker Evans Walker Evans

From The Lantern: Bernie’s showcases underground bands, deep-rooted history Sarah McCaslin It may not be called Cheers, but at 16th and High, there’s a place where everybody knows your name. Bernie’s Bagels and Distillery is a hidden gem of campus history where friends become family and the bartenders always provide a story and a cold […]


Review: Sammy’s New York Bagels


There are few things that are necessary for survival in any town – knowing the location of a good bagel shop/deli should be among them. Having moved here over a decade ago from New Jersey, it wasn’t until a few months ago that I discovered, in the predominately Jewish enclave of Bexley, some of the […]


Bagels only the beginning at Spinelli’s Deli

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote Bagels only the beginning at Victorian Village eatery Thursday, August 21, 2008 BY NICK CHORDAS Don’t misunderstand: Joe Spinelli loves bagels. It’s just that, after four years as a Manhattan Bagel franchisee, he grew a little tired of selling nothing but circular pieces of dough with a hole in the middle. So, […]


Brueggers coming back to Columbus

 The Hegemo

I think I asked on here before about Brueggers, and was told they used to be in Columbus, but all the locations had closed. I was checking the Brueggers homepage to see how late the store in my parents’ neighborhood was open today, and I noticed this on the list of Ohio locations: Coming Soon: […]


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The Urban Living Tour returns (with strict safety guidelines) on Aug 30!