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Dewey’s Pizza in Grandview Opens Today

 A. Miller

From Elephants on Bicycles: Dewey’s Pizza Grandview By Andrew Miller If you haven’t been to a Dewey’s Pizza before (there are several here in Ohio) then get over there! The Columbus location officially opens to the public today. Personally I tried the stand-by pepperoni which was excellent of course but I really enjoyed their Edgar […]


10 More Locals You Should be Following on Twitter

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Our first twitter list last month focused on local “celebrity” figures who happen to be using twitter to communicate with the rest of the city. This time we thought we’d dial it down a notch and focus on locals who may not have the name recognition, but who are still doing cool things and discussing […]


Ideas about Kingsdale and Upper Arlington

Walker Evans Walker Evans

From Elephants on Bicycles: Getting Honest About Kingsdale by Andrew Miller I’ll preface by saying that I hope the Kingsdale redevelopment takes place, even if it remains essentially the same as it is right now. The problem here is that young people do like the idea of living in UA because it is close to […]


Thoughts on Urban Renewal in 2009

Walker Evans Walker Evans

From Elephants on Bicycles: WOSU Commentary – Urban Renewal By Andrew Miller [LISTEN  HERE] It’s a new year. For many that means change. Some change you choose, such as making resolutions; some change is thrust upon you. My change came in the form of my work moving from a downtown office tower to a converted […]


Scooters gaining appeal as alternative transportation

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote Scooters gaining appeal as alternative transportation Saturday, July 5, 2008 BY KEVIN JOY No longer a plaything of geeks and hipsters, scooters are zipping into the consciousness of drivers once indifferent to two-wheeled transportation. Nationwide, first-quarter scooter sales were up 24 percent this year, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council. Interest is […]


Columbus – The Indie Art Capital of the World

Walker Evans Walker Evans

WOSU NewsRoom wrote Columbus – The Inde Art Capital of the World Andrew Miller, WOSU Commentator Columbus Ohio, Indie Art Capital of the World. That’s quite a proclamation, one which Mike Reed and Daniel Fox the local artists who coined the phrase, will gladly stand behind. In fact even Columbus City Council will stand behind […]


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