Amish Country

Around Ohio: Glamping along the Kokosing River

Randi Walle Randi Walle Around Ohio: Glamping along the Kokosing River

The trend of “glamping” —glamourous camping — is quickly spreading. The term refers to the idea of melding nature and luxury so that one can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with the convenience of the indoors. It can range from a high-end tent to a modern resort in the woods and everything in between. […]

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Explore Ohio: Amish Country

Randi Walle Randi Walle Explore Ohio: Amish Country

Driving through the winding, hilly roads of Amish Country, it is immediately clear you are no longer in the fast-paced city. Farm animals that us city-dwellers rarely get to see in person inhabit almost every pasture. Crops and plants fill the fields. Clean laundry hangs on clothes lines. Horses and buggies traverse the roads. A […]

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