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Debate Continues over Millennial Tower’s LED Billboard Plans

Walker Evans Walker Evans Debate Continues over Millennial Tower’s LED Billboard Plans

How do you balance advertisements with architecture? That continues to be the heart of the discussion with the 28-story Millennial Tower proposal as it made its way in front of the Downtown Commission for its third round of reviews this morning. When the new building was first proposed in May 2016 for the southwest corner […]

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More Marketing Coming Soon to the North Market

Walker Evans Walker Evans More Marketing Coming Soon to the North Market

The North Market announced yesterday a new partnership with local advertising agency Civitas Now, who is developing a new platform for expanding the visibility of brands at the historic public marketplace. Civitas Now specializes in outdoor, alternative and guerilla marketing, and plans to implement new eye-catching placements throughout the North Market in the coming months. […]


National Companies Give Orange Barrel Competition

Walker Evans Walker Evans

For the past few years, there’s really only been one name associated with massive attention-getting billboards downtown: Orange Barrel Media. Love them or hate them, the massive downtown advertisements have been a hot topic since Columbus-native Pete Scantland founded Orange Barrel six years ago. The Nationwide Paint Spill, the Columbus Crew Soccer Ball, the Columbus […]


New firms enter market for downtown wallscapes

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote New companies enter market for wallscapes Tuesday, November 27, 2007 6:31 AM BY MARLA MATZER ROSE If there seem to be more giant ads Downtown than ever before, you’re not imagining things. Orange Barrel Media, the company that first became known for the massive building-bound signs, has been joined by two competitors […]


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