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TacocaT Cooperative Closing its Doors Ahead of Building Demolition

Walker Evans Walker Evans TacocaT Cooperative Closing its Doors Ahead of Building DemolitionPhoto via TacocaT.
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After three years of operation at 937 Burrell Avenue in Grandview Heights, the TacocaT Cooperative is coming to an end. The building is slated for demolition and redeveloping as a part of Grandview Yard, similar to it’s predecessor Junctionview Studios, which was located about a block away before it too was demolished.

“We have to be out by August 31st,” explained TacocaT co-founder and artist Adam Brouillette. “We’ll be having a final party there on August 26th, but we’ll have already taken out some of the doors, fixtures and lighting, so it will already be half demolished.”

Brouillette, who was also a manager and artist at Junctionview, said that process has been more rushed than the previous experience when Nationwide Realty Investors gave them more time and assistance with relocating. Most of the artists at TacocaT are planning to relocate to Blockfort, a new art studio venture from Brouillette and his wife Meghan that will be located Downtown with plans to be operational by the end of the year.

“Once we found out we had to be out of TacocaT, we started looking for a new space,” said Brouillette. “We realized that someone was going to have to take a loan and set this up as a for-profit business, which is what Blockfort will be, so that we can take our money and invest in it, and run it the way we want to run it. A lot of people are happy about the change because they don’t need to come to meetings and vote on things like paper towels.”

Brouillette is proud of the tight-knit community that TacocaT has forged, citing the fact that in three years of operation, they’ve only had one art studio space turnover. Nearly all tenants have remained in place for the full three years.

“Even before that at Junctionview, with a larger number of 44 studios, during the last four years we only had four people move out,” he added.

The final party at TacocaT is expected to have artwork for sale, commemorative t-shirts for sale, and other entertainment, food and activities. Additional details on that event will be announced soon.

For more information, visit www.tacocatcooperative.com.

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