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System of Strength to Open Second Studio in Dublin

Sara Gaul Sara Gaul System of Strength to Open Second Studio in DublinPhoto via System of Strength.
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System of Strength founders and fitness junkies Keri Croft and Gretchen Dusseau are uncovering inner athletes all over Columbus due to the intensity and variety of workouts offered at their Grandview studio. They plan to expand the SOS community this summer with a second studio opening in Dublin on June 23rd.

System of Strength is based on the philosophy that fitness should be a consistent part of everyone’s life. They’re not about niches or trends, but more about getting strong and staying strong. The ladies and guys at SOS work hard to keep their classes creative so clients stay challenged. They believe that struggle builds strength and encourage members to embrace the struggle.

“We tap into a strength that people never thought they had,” says Croft. “Being a part of the positive mental and physical changes in our members inspires us to keep moving.”

Perhaps the most appealing aspect to SOS is the variety of classes offered in one place.

“The human body is a complex system, and there isn’t just one exercise that will provide it with everything it needs,” adds Croft.

The System provides various types of classes including high interval cardio, large muscle strength training, small muscle toning and yoga inspired stretching. The variety of classes offered at SOS allows busy people to include all of their fitness needs in a week’s schedule without having to go to several different gyms or studios.

System of Strength is considered a lifestyle more than a workout. In addition to daily fitness classes, SOS often does clean eating challenges to educate and support their clients with nutrition. Clean eating challenges encourage members to learn how to adopt a balanced approached to healthy eating so that they are set up for success once the challenge is over.

SOS Dublin will be located at 4140 Tuller Road Suite 110. Join the SOS community for a grand opening celebration with food, drinks and music at the Dublin studio on June 20th (we were promised there would be no burpees).

For more information, or to sign up for classes, visit www.systemofstrength.com.

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