Sweet Carrot Restaurant and Catering Moving to Old Rife’s Market

Rebecca Wagner Rebecca Wagner Sweet Carrot Restaurant and Catering Moving to Old Rife’s MarketPhoto by Ayana Wilson.
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Columbus food truck Sweet Carrot is expanding into a brick-and-mortar location at 1417 West Fifth Avenue, the old Rife’s Market.

Angela Petro, owner of Sweet Carrot, had been searching for a building for the past two years. Sweet Carrot (an anagram of Petro’s first business, Two Caterers) rolled out in 2012, setting up warm weather headquarters at the High Line Car House on 550 South High Street. In the midst of looking for new locations, she saw that Rife’s Market had closed while sitting at a stop light and had an “aha!” moment:

“It was like a bolt of lighting hit me. Rife’s is an old, funky building that’s perfect for Sweet Carrot,” said Petro.

Last September, after 78 years in business, family-owned Rife’s Market closed their doors. Petro has since received blessings from Mary Kay Rife, who was receptive to keeping the tradition of small business in motion. She intends to maintain the outside character of the building while modernizing the interior.

The restaurant will be casual and comfortable, serving up local favorites like their house-made mac and cheese, pulled pork, and corn salsa. The menu will also expand. An on-site bake shop will churn out carrot cake pops, carrot cake waffles, and every other carrot cake derivative imaginable. In addition to Sweet Carrot fare, Petro intends for the restaurant to carry locally-sourced staples like milk, bread, and eggs from artisan producers (possibly Wayward Seed Farms), along with fresh produce from local vendors.

Sweet Carrot Restaurant and Catering is set to open around July. Petro is currently in the design and menu completion process.

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