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Sweet Carrot Food Truck Brings Two Caterers to The Streets

Walker Evans Walker Evans Sweet Carrot Food Truck Brings Two Caterers to The Streets
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Two Caterers has been around for quite sometime, but this summer they’re changing things up with the launch of their new Sweet Carrot food truck. This new branch of their business is being touted as a way to more easily do on-site cooking for special events, and as a way to market their catering business to new audiences.

We spoke recently Sweet Carrot’s owner Angela Petro to find out more. You can read about the food below, or her business plans over at TheMetropreneur.com in the second half of the interview.

Q: What can you tell us a bit about the menu at Sweet Carrot?

A: We have a pretty good sample menu started, but the most fun thing is that because we come from a catering background we like to mix it up and not be chained to a set menu. We encourage our sales staff to work with the chef and create new items for our clients based on what’s seasonal, what relates to the clients personality or theme or their event. I don’t think we have done the same thing more than a few times yet.

Q: So what types of events have you participated in so far?

A: We have had Sweet Carrot at The Wexner Center For the Arts Anniversary Party, two weddings, a graduation party, a bar mitzvah, Root Down for Earth Day, Cakes For A Cause at Mid-Ohio Food Bank and two events for President Gee.

Q: How has the reception been?

A: At every event guests have had a great time and loved the surprise of having a food truck at the event. There is something about Sweet Carrot that brings the kid out in even the stuffiest of guests. I love to stand in a corner and watch how people respond when they realize that the food truck is for their event. I know the food is good but I honestly think it tastes better when its served from the window of a colorfully tricked out treat truck!

Q: Are there any upcoming opportunities for our readers to find Sweet Carrot in public?

A: We are scheduled for the Columbus Arts Festival on June 1st, 2nd and 3rd, The German Village Haus and Garten Tour on June 24th at the German Village Meeting Haus, Columbus Commons Food Truck Festival on July 13th and at the Picnic with the Pops Series this year with Mojo Togo. There’s more events to come as we sort out the multiple offers of food truck gathering spots that are popping up weekly.

To read part two of the interview with Angela Petro, CLICK HERE.

More information can be found online at www.sweetcarrotcolumbus.com.

Sweet Carrot food truck photo by Karen Evans Pictures.

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