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Support Local Journalism in Columbus by Attending Fun Events!

Walker Evans and Anne Evans Walker Evans and Anne Evans Support Local Journalism in Columbus by Attending Fun Events!
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As social media continues to limit the reach of impactful community journalism and as more news outlets move toward a paid subscription model in response, the general public continues to have less access to important information. The conundrum is an interesting one, as the consistent publishing of high quality news is an endeavor with fixed costs, but there’s also a mission to serve the greater good of keeping the public well informed.

Instead of implementing a paywall, Columbus Underground has always relied upon local businesses and organizations to support our efforts with advertising dollars. At the same time, we’ve often heard from our readers that they enjoy what we do and would like to contribute financially to supporting our mission.

That’s where our events come into play. Over the past several years, we’ve reinvented our events to work as an extension of our news coverage, offering our readers the ability to experience new restaurants, sample local products, tour new places to live and much more.

Not only do the ticket sales to these events help support Columbus Underground financially, but we’re also able to give back to the community by donating to multiple charities in the process.

If you’re a fan of Columbus Underground, and would like to help us continue to keep the public informed, then check out one of our upcoming events. We’d love to have you! We hope you’d agree that purchasing a ticket to a fun event to support journalism is a great use of your own personal dollars, and we appreciate your support.

Upcoming Events include:

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