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Boutique Plant Shop Opens in Italian Village

Lauren Verhage Lauren Verhage Boutique Plant Shop Opens in Italian VillagePhotos by Lauren Verhage.
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After opening up the doors to STUMP in early September, Emily Brown and Brian Kellett have been busy educating plant shoppers on how to care for the plants that best fit their lifestyle. STUMP is a new retail store located at 305 East Fifth Avenue on the northern edge of Italian Village, and it offers a variety of plants for sale. The owners double as guides to help inform shoppers which plants need direct or indirect sunlight, and which ones need water daily or biweekly. Every plant comes with a care card, that tells the new owner exactly how to take care of it.


In addition to interior plants and education, STUMP is big on collaboration — they have an artist residency program located right above the shop. Different artists have participated in making some of the pottery, and other interior decor items found in STUMP.

Additionally, coffee makers Lokal Cold Brew come by every Sunday to sell pour overs and share insight on the coffee making process. They have also collaborated with Larry Robertson, owner of the vintage Flat Foot Shop, which is attached to STUMP.

Brown and Kellett have a lot in mind for STUMP’s future. They plan to expand their plant education offerings with workshops, terrarium building classes, and information on how to propagate succulents.

“To describe how the experience has been so far, I’d say we are stoked, optimistic and thankful,” said Kellett.

For more information, visit www.stumpplants.com.


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