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Studio 35 Expands Soccer Offerings

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Soccer fans around town have had several viewing options when trying to catch a game. Fado at Easton, Claddagh downtown, and Ruby Tuesday bar just off campus have attempted to cater to the soccer viewing crowd. Since MLS Cup there has been another soccer watching spot in town. The venerable Clintonville theatre Studio 35 has added more and more soccer programming.

Co-owner Eric Brembeck said that soccer at Studio 35 was not part of a grand plan, but was a idea from a patron who wanted to watch the Crew play in the MLS championship on the big screen. The scheduling for MLS cup worked out and the response was overwhelming. The crowd size was greater than even some Ohio State football games.

With the help of other patrons/soccer fans Studio 35 has added European soccer on the weekends and is going to show Champions League matches midweek. Eric also said there are plans to continue showing games through the World Cup next year.

Studio 35 will remains a movie theatre first and that will create some conflicts. Eric said that the biggest conflicts are on Saturday nights, but also said that 6 of the first 10 Crew away games will be shown, including tonight’s game against Real Salt Lake and Sunday’s game against Chivas USA. They will also show an HD feed when available.

The casual atmosphere is more family friendly than some of the other establishments around town, but Eric said the soccer events have still drawn knowledgeable and dedicated fans that might not head to a bar. Since Studio 35 is minutes away from my house, has great beer, and food, I will have to get down there to watch some matches.

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