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Student Work on Display at CCAD Senior Fashion Show Preview

Randi Walle Randi Walle Student Work on Display at CCAD Senior Fashion Show PreviewPhoto by Randi Walle.
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Editor’s Note: A preview of the CCAD Senior Fashion Show was held before the Coronavirus pandemic shuttered schools and limited mass gatherings. However, the students’ hard work will still have the opportunity to be showcased virtually as a part of another annual event, Chroma: Best of CCAD.

Each spring Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) hosts a senior fashion show where soon-to-be-graduates display their talents. This year there are 13 participants who each designed and produced a small collection based on a theme of their choosing, showcasing industrial swimwear and eco-friendly Americana, to ancient weaving techniques and bioluminescence, just to name a few. In early March, six of the students offered a preview of their upcoming lines.

Marissa Holt created a collection that represents the under-represented women in the industry titled Every Woman. Her line of pastel formalwear and jumpsuits is designed for women size 8-20, and her models are all women of color. She believes “every girl should be able to wear what they want” and feel beautiful doing it. After graduation she plans to design dresses. Pictured is model Ammala Doeung in a lacy romper.

Xuena Pu’s Memories collection draws heavily from her Chinese heritage and upbringing. She learned weaving techniques from her grandmother and mother that she utilized in creating modern takes on traditional attire. After graduation she plans to stay in Columbus as an independent fashion designer. Pictured is model ‘Drea Kirby in an outfit inspired by Chinese baby clothing with a woven, swaddle-style top and button-closure pants that resemble a pair Pu’s mother made for her as a child.

Ariel Rapier, a Columbus native, designed her collection of inclusive streetwear to represent her own take on Americana, titled Wild ‘n Blue. All of the fabrics used in her collection are either made in America, repurposed, or biodegradable. Rapier wanted to reuse and give new life to existing fabrics to help eliminate waste in the fashion industry. Her line features six pieces. Pictured is model Jovaughan Salaam carrying a jacket made from an American flag.

Hannah Jarrell drew her inspiration for her collection, Bioluminescent, from the BBC documentary Blue Planet. She worked with glow-in-the-dark powder, combining it with screen printing ink, to create a hidden design on each white piece in her line that is designed after a different sea creature. After graduation Jarrell hopes to land a job as a designer for retail fashion. Pictured is model Christina Rao in a tentacle-inspired draped gown.

Natalie Deorio’s SWIM—But fashion is a collection of swim and resort wear, inspired by utility and streetwear trends. Deorio designed a motocross tire track and printed it on several of the pieces along with an embroidered patch that reads, “swim but make it fashion.” The idea for the collection came from a swimwear project during her junior year, and she decided to blend it with her affinity toward utility and streetwear, creating a collection of four pieces in white, grey, and black. After graduation she hopes to work for an activewear company. Pictured is model Nicole Brumbuagh in a crisscross suit with a utility vest.

Li “Lucy” Cui’s collection is titled Dark Night Ocean and draws inspiration from the mysterious colors seen in the water. Cui describes her line of formal wear as “sophisticated, timeless, and edgy.” She used high-end materials like silk, silk organza, silk/wool blend, and sequins to create a high-end look that would be versatile for work and going out. When constructing her four pieces, Cui paid close attention to detail and hand-sewed all of the beads. After graduation Cui plans to return to China and create clothes that empower women. Pictured is model Brooke Robinson in a dress, half-jacket, and hand-beaded accessories.

The 2020 CCAD Fashion Show has been canceled. Instead, fashion design students selected for the show will be featured online as a part of Chroma: Best of CCAD. Find updates at ccad.edu/fashion-show and ccad.edu/fashion-show.

All photos by Randi Walle

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