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2008 State of the State – $1.7B Stimulus Package

 John Ross
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The Dispatch wrote Strickland proposes $1.7 billion stimulus package to create 80,000 jobs

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

By Mark Niquette

Gov. Ted Strickland used his second State of the State address today to call for a $1.7 billion stimulus package for a struggling Ohio economy, and he also made major education proposals including a promise to address school funding by next year.

“The state of the state is resolute,” Strickland declared during a speech to a joint session of the legislature in the Ohio House chamber. “We are challenged, but we will not back down.”

The centerpiece of the governor’s 52-minute speech was an economic plan he’s calling Building Ohio Jobs, which proposes to sell $1.7 billion in state bonds to pay for public-works projects and other items to create 80,000 jobs in five years.


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