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New Stonewall Proposal Calls for Preserving Existing Buildings

Brent Warren Brent Warren New Stonewall Proposal Calls for Preserving Existing BuildingsRendering via Behal Sampson Dietz.
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After receiving some pushback from the Italian Village Commission about a plan to demolish and replace their current building at 1160 North High Street, Stonewall Columbus has returned with a proposal that keeps the 1950’s-era building.

The new plan calls for a three-story addition that would connect that building to another existing building – a three story brick structure at 14 East Fourth Avenue that is also owned by Stonewall.

The limestone facade on the High Street building would be removed in favor of floor-to-ceiling windows, and parts of two walls would be removed to accommodate the new addition, which would also be mostly glass.

The proposal was presented to the commission at their meeting on January 19th, and was “favorably received,” according to commissioner Josh Lapp.

“The latest proposal seems to more appropriately balance the retention of historic material, with the needs of a modern office and event-space,” Lapp said. “Overall the commission was especially pleased with the removal of the curb cuts on High and Fourth and the potential to make that intersection more appealing, inviting, and safe for pedestrians.”

The review by the commission was still just conceptual, so no vote was taken on the project. Look for it to be back on the board’s agenda in future months.

Renderings via Behal Sampson Dietz.


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