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Stems & Stone Launches Subscription Service for House Plants

Susan Post Susan Post Stems & Stone Launches Subscription Service for House PlantsRhonda Reese - Owner of Stems & Stone - Photo by Estyelon Martinez of Everlasting Visuals
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Stems & Stone Owner Rhonda Reese says one of the most amazing parts of launching her plant subscription service during the coronavirus pandemic has been the joy and excitement on customers’ faces when she delivers their plants.

It’s a big part of why she launched Stems & Stone – to foster a little bit of self-care and a peaceful connection with nature in a world that has been upended in the last several months.

Entrepreneurship and starting her own business is something that Reese had been exploring for the last several years.

As a single mother, “I would rather take a leap and pursue having my own business so that I can, one, build a legacy for family, but to also be able to spend time and be with my children,” she says.

The coronavirus pandemic actually provided the final push she needed to launch Stems & Stone. A situation many have found themselves facing in recent months, Reese’s avenues of employment dried up one by one. She had just wrapped up a position as a general manager at a restaurant that subsequently closed down, and was working as a brand ambassador – a position that was also impacted because of a lack of events during the pandemic. Her work as a visual artist was also put on hold as shows and events were canceled.

“It really, really put things into perspective, and I was like you need to start your business right now,” Reese says.

An idea that she had been researching, a subscription plant service fit the current environment well.

Working with what Reese calls the Saks Fifth Avenue of nurseries, Stems & Stone offers three subscription options for monthly plant deliveries of indoor tropical plants, succulents and cacti. The $19.99/month ‘Jungle Starter’ subscription includes three starter plants, the $35.99/month ‘Plant Parent’ package provides a 6-inch plant or multiple smaller premium plants, and the $52/month ‘OG Horti-Boss’ package offers an 8-inch plant or multiple smaller premium plants. Each package also includes additional perks like access to an exclusive Facebook group, discounts on additional merchandise and special gifts.

Each subscription starts with a three-month commitment, then customers can upgrade, downgrade or carry on.

While the basis of its business, Stems & Stone will offer more than plant subscriptions. Reese also offers plant concierge service. She’ll help customers figure out what plants work best for their space, with access to 2-inch potted plants to 9-foot tall trees through her suppliers.

Additionally, Reese is developing a marketplace with a curation of other self-care tools and products she hopes will be up and running by mid-summer. Working with vendors locally and across the country, the marketplace will offer primarily handmade products like body scrubs, soaps, stones, incense and more. There will also be tools and products for plant care. Reese will round out the marketplace with a signature scent she’s developing with one of the vendors.

While Reese recently launched Stems & Stone, she already has big plans for the business as it continues to grow. She wants to incorporate an educational component with videos on self-care and tips and tricks for caring for plants. Plans for a brick-and-mortar are also on the horizon. It will be a multi-purpose space that will host workshops and function as a studio, propagation space and showroom.

For more information, visit stemsandstone.com.

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