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Statehouse to Kickballers: Get Off Our Lawn

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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For the past few years, the Statehouse lawn has been home to the Capitol Crossroads downtown kickball league where office workers, young professionals, and downtown residents have all been able to converge and participate some friendly intramural activities.

But word has been handed down from the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board (the organization that operates the Statehouse) that the kickballers are not going to be as welcome in 2009 as they once were. They felt that the grounds had been too trampled and want to see fewer games, fewer teams, and potentially a relocation of the playing area.

The Statehouse Lawn is one of the few large grass field gathering places in the core of downtown big enough for activities such as this. I guess we collectively need to decide which is more important: maintaining a pristine grass plot that is untouched by the public, or providing the public with a gathering spot that actually gets utilized.

If you’ve got an opinion to voice, you can contact William E. Carleton, the Executive Director at the Statehouse at [email protected] or 614-752-9777.

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