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State of the City 2013: Plan for Schools, Improving Recycling and Franklinton News

Brent Warren Brent Warren State of the City 2013: Plan for Schools, Improving Recycling and Franklinton News
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In his 14th State of the City address, Mayor Coleman looked backed on the city’s Bicentennial year and ticked off a list of accolades and accomplishments; 3,300 new jobs, a drop in both violent and property crimes, recognition by national publications as a smart and affordable city with a humming economy. Coleman, who’s never shy about praising Columbus, wasted no time in declaring the past year a defining one for the city; “Last year I said we needed to get some swagger. This year I say we got it.”

The Mayor did call out a number of areas in need of improvement, though, and announced initiatives designed to help;

  • A partnership with Mount Carmel focused on the revitalization of West Franklinton
  • An effort to increase recycling in restaurants and bars, and new recycling containers on High Street
  • A new program called Columbus Global Connect that is intended to link local businesses with international markets

He also announced that the Columbus Idea Foundry will be moving from its current location in Milo-Grogan to East Franklinton, a move he says will help to complete the area’s transformation into a “vibrant new neighborhood of young, creative and talented residents and businesses.”

The largest portion of the speech was devoted to the schools and the mayor’s ideas to improve them. Coleman focused on five areas of improvement;

  • A need for sound and efficient business operations.
  • Improved recruitment and retention of quality teachers and principals.
  • Access to preschool for every child.
  • Improved access to and use of technology.
  • A plan for replacing schools that are failing, whether they be charter or traditional schools.

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