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Starbucks Test Marketing Dark Barrel Latte in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans Starbucks Test Marketing Dark Barrel Latte in ColumbusPhoto by Walker Evans.
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Have you ever heard that Columbus is a good city to test market consumer products? Apparently the executives at Starbucks think that to be the case, as they’ve launched their new Dark Barrel Latte flavor in select stores in the region.

Customers who have tried it have reported via twitter that the flavor is similar to that of Guinness with a rich, dark chocolate flavor. The drink is available in hot and cold versions, and a quick taste-test this morning in the Columbus Underground offices received mixed-to-negative reviews.

Baristas at the Downtown location at Broad and Third noted that the flavor was added to the menu at the beginning of the month and said that it had been selling well. One employee noticed specifically that customers were curious and skeptical at first, but seemed to enjoy the drink once they’ve tried it.

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