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Star Jewelers Completes Relocation to The Short North

Walker Evans Walker Evans Star Jewelers Completes Relocation to The Short NorthPhotos by Walker Evans.
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After over 20 years in business, Star Jewelers is ready for an upgrade. This long-established Bexley business recently relocated to 607 North High Street in the Short North for a bigger retail space in an area with more shopping foot traffic. We spoke recently with Rachel Howard, a buyer at Star Jewelers who has helped out a lot with the move, to find out more about the changes to the business that come with the relocation. Our full Q&A can be found below:

Q: Can you first tell us a bit about your history with the business?

A: I just started working with the family business last summer after two years in New York working in publishing. My parents started the business more than 20 years ago — my dad got his Graduate Gemologist degree in the 80s and ran the fine jewelry counter at Lazarus. My mother spent 17 years merchandising for The Limited. They make a good team. He’s got the technical understanding of jewelry and the education needed to know good diamonds and stones, and my mom knows what sells and how to sell it. I’m hoping to add youth and energy to the mix, and I think that’s reflected in the new store and in the new pieces we’ve started carrying since I joined the team.

Q: How has the store grown in Bexley, and what was the impetus for the move to the Short North?

A: The store’s first years were in the corner of a Bexley hair salon in the early 90s. From there we built a new store and loved being part of the Bexley community. Our clientele wasn’t just limited to the Bexley area either — we had many great people coming from all over the city and state. But we started to hear more and more that people just “couldn’t get to Bexley.” Traffic on the street slowed down, but we didn’t want to move unless the spot was right. Our new store is in a bigger, better space that is in a more centralized location so that all of our clients can reach us. Being a part of such a vibrant, changing part of town gives our clients so many more options for shopping, eating and entertainment too. A lot of people would tell us that we were their “best kept secret,” and we didn’t want to be a secret anymore.

Q: How has the opening gone and how has the new store been received?

A: The opening is still underway, as things are changing in the store everyday. It’s been really great though. We’ve seen a lot of friendly faces, so it’s good to know our clients from Bexley can get here with ease, but it’s been great to meet so many new people just in the first few weeks.

Q: Anything else we should know about the new store?

A: We are a full service jeweler and do jewelry and watch repair, appraisals, and buy gold. We will be expanding our custom design capabilities in the beginning of 2015, which is exciting because I think as special as jewelry is, it feels so much more personal to know you’ve had a hand in designing your own piece. We also keep wishlists, so we encourage our clients to keep them updated with things in all price points so that they know they will get something they like. Our new website should also be up soon, so people will be able to add things to their wishlists from home.

For more information, visit www.starjewelersbexley.com.







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