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 Margaret Robinson, The Columbus Foundation Spreading Kind Acts
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This blog includes repurposed content from an original article posted by Tracy Stuck, Assistant Vice President of Student Life at The Ohio State University on LinkedIn

During this evolving COVID-19 health crisis, and the closing of spaces like Columbus Metropolitan Library and the Columbus Museum of Art, our community is learning a new phrase—social distancing.

People who frequent favorite gathering spots to connect with others are faced with a new challenge. When our community spaces close, where do we go to be together?

Assistant Vice President of Student Life at The Ohio State University Tracy Stuck has some thoughts on how to practice virtual kindness as we embrace this new normal:

  1. Use your social networks for good by posting and sharing encouraging and kind content. 
  2. Make or repost a kindness video.
  3. Recognize good service and amplify them through your social channels and among friends!
  4. Fill your brain with kind messages and then pass it on, like a podcast! 
  5. Pull your pen out and write or email a thank you note to someone you’re grateful for.
  6. Create and moderate groups online.
  7. Be creative in your congratulations and find fun virtual ways to celebrate birthdays or special moments!
  8. Create digital art. (Use the hashtag #KindColumbus or #isolationcreation to see other works of art☺!)
  9. Research causes and philanthropies that mean a lot to you and, no matter how big or small, consider making a kind donation.
  10. Clean out drawers and closets and get ready to donate to an organization in need. 
  11. Work with your alumni association, social service or faith-based group to figure out a way that you can call elderly or single people who may be scared or alone.
  12. Be kind to yourself.

This Mister Roger’s quote seems appropriate right now: “When I was a boy, and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find the people who are helping.”‘ 

Share your “kind” ideas like favorite books for people to read, articles, or podcasts to listen to with our online community on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


The Columbus Foundation Emergency Response Fund is mobilized to support ongoing relief efforts in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. 100% of donations to this fund will support organizations in Franklin County as they assist in responding to the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

About Kind Columbus

The mission of the Kind Columbus initiative is to build community through acts of unconditional kindness. By amplifying and enabling empathetic and compassionate actions, Kind Columbus will create a ripple effect of kindness that continuously inspires and fuels community members to do more good for each other and the community at large. The idea of Kind Columbus was born after seeing the success and inspiration derived from the Gifts of Kindness Fund at The Columbus Foundation.

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