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Sporeprint Infoshop featured in The Alive

 Cyclist Sporeprint Infoshop featured in The Alive
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The Alive wrote Spending freeze 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

By Tracy Zollinger Turner

The exchange of goods, services, knowledge and ideas doesn’t have to require money. At least, that’s the concept behind the Sporeprint Infoshop, or Spore, a “radical social space” and greenhouse for idealism.

An idea hatched in mid-2007, the Sporeprint Infoshop opened as a community space in the Weinland Park neighborhood in February. Located on the corner of Fifth and Hamlet, next door to the Third Hand Bicycle Co-Op, Spore has a library of books, ‘zines and educational materials, as well as free wireless internet, computers available for use and meeting space where music performances, do-it-yourself workshops, political meetings, cooking classes, potlucks and other community-generated events are held.


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