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SPENGA Opens First Franchise in Columbus

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire SPENGA Opens First Franchise in ColumbusThe first SPENGA (spinning + energy + yoga) location opens in Columbus. Photo by Nancy Alkire.
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“It’s just an all around program for healthy body and mind,” says Nikki Booth, general manager of the first SPENGA location in Columbus, Ohio. Located at 4686 Cemetery Road, this is the first of possibly 4 SPENGA locations for central Ohio. “You will never get bored, because every workout is different!” says owner Bryan Clark.

Spinning + Energy + Yoga, SPENGA presents a one-hour program that combines a spinning class, strength exercises, and then yoga. “It is a great fitness concept,” says Clark.  There are over 60 SPENGA locations in the U.S.A., including nine in Illinois where it started and two in Michigan. Clark owns the SPENGA in Hilliard and has options for three more locations in the Columbus area. 

“Every first class is free,” he says. “I know that you will fall in love with our community and our workout.”

The SPENGA in Hilliard is sparkling clean and follows recommendations from the both CDC and Open Up Ohio regarding distancing and cleanliness.  The men’s and women’s showers are currently closed. Yoga mats and spinning bikes are spaced 6-feet apart for social distancing, and before and after workouts equipment is rigorously cleaned.  Hand sanitizer is available throughout the space.

“We want people to feel comfortable and safe with us,” says Booth.

spenga fitness
The first SPENGA (spinning + energy + yoga) location in Columbus at 4686 Cemetery Rd in Hilliard. Photo by Nancy Alkire.

The SPENGA spinning and yoga rooms in Hilliard are comfortably dark, so everyone can feel confident. The branded SPENGA bikes are new and smooth. The sound system really rocks. Clark and Booth have a bevy of enthusiastic fitness professionals ready to help every member get an efficient workout and relaxing cool down. The combination of spinning, core exercises, HIIT, and stretching is designed to increase flexibility, stamina, and strength. “It is a very efficient use of your fitness time,” said Booth.

SPENGA fitness
The first SPENGA (spinning + energy + yoga) location in Columbus at 4686 Cemetery Rd in Hilliard. Photo by Nancy Alkire.

SPENGA also offers online programs for members to access from home. 

“Fitness is more important than ever,” notes Clark. 

Hilliard’s SPENGA is located on the North side of Cemetery Road at 4686 just West of I-270.  For more information, visit spenga.com/locations/hilliard.

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