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Spectrum Launches News App, Partnering with CU & Other Ohio News Organizations

Walker Evans Walker Evans Spectrum Launches News App, Partnering with CU & Other Ohio News Organizations
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Spectrum announced last week a new app service for their customers that will keep them up to date with local news, partnering with regional outlets across the country. Columbus Underground is one of five Ohio publications partnering with Spectrum to provide a diverse range of local information for their customers.

“Internet and mobile customers are the fastest growing segments of Spectrum’s customer base, and our viewers are consuming news online more now than ever before,” stated Mike Bair, Executive Vice President, Spectrum Networks. “The Spectrum News App is the first content product available to all 28 million residential Spectrum customers, adding significant value to our existing local services, but particularly our internet-only customers who could not previously access our news reporting.”

The Spectrum News App is free for anyone for a 30 day trial period, and then free afterwards for all Spectrum customers. The app features local news, general interest stories, state politics and weather reports.

Other Ohio news publications featured along with Columbus Underground include Freshwater Cleveland, Columbus Dispatch, Columbus Business First, and Soapbox Cincinnati.

“We know that local journalism is vital to the communities we serve,” added Bair. “From political coverage of press briefings, local debates and elections, to public affairs programming and community news that is relevant to local residents, our networks serve as a valuable resource, especially during times of crisis.”

For more info, or to download the app, visit spectrumlocalnews.com/app.

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