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Sparkle and Shine, It’s Holiday Lights Time

Anne Evans Anne Evans Sparkle and Shine, It’s Holiday Lights TimeVisit the Lazarus Santa on Saturday! Photo by Anne Evans.
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It’s the most sparkling time of the year! Holiday lights shine, trees light up all over the city, Downtown’s skyline is red and green. Easton alone puts up over one million lights! We’ve gathered the holiday events going on this season. Enjoy finding Santas and Krampus!

wildlights in columbus

The Columbus Zoo celebrates 30 years of Wildlights. Photo by Grahm S. Jones for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

best christmas lights in columbus

The Legendary Lights of Clifton Mill. Photo courtesy the venue.

Dragon lights in columbus

Something a little different at Dragon Lights. November 23 through January 6. Photo by Anne Evans.

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