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South Side’s Tatoheads Announces Summer Closure

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega South Side’s Tatoheads Announces Summer ClosurePhoto via Google.
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South Side bar and restaurant Tatoheads Public House narrowly escaped an early closure this month, but the bar will close by the end of June 2019, says owner Dan McCarthy. 

“I was supposed to hand the keys over yesterday,” says McCarthy, “but an angel investor came through at the last minute.”

The investor, who McCarthy says prefers not to be named, threw in enough money to keep Tatoheads open until the end of the lease. With that, he’s subtitling Tatoheads the “Five Months Only” bar, as in, Columbusites have got five months to either check the bar out for the first time or make one final visit.

“If you didn’t have a chance to see it before or be a part of it before, you can do it now,” McCarthy says. “Come party, come support us, get some exciting things happening in this end game.”

McCarthy says Tatoheads came too early to the Parsons Avenue neighborhood, which is now taking off with new restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. He opened the bar in July of 2014, and it came with a slew of trials and tribulations. 

It’s not likely, he says, but if these last five months go well, Tatoheads may make a reappearance: “anything’s possible.” The food truck will definitely continue operating, though. It offers a limited version of the Tatoheads menu, including loaded fries and tots and “The Thing,” a deep-fried tortilla filled with french fries, cheese and chorizo.

Fans can keep up with the food truck and events at Tatoheads Public House by visiting their Facebook page.

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