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Some final thoughts on Bill Todd

 John Ross
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As you know by now, Republican mayoral candidate Bill Todd lost in a landslide to Democratic incumbent Michael Coleman, who received 69,513 of 100,033 total votes cast. Coleman’s camp was predicting about 70 percent, and their predictions were accurate.

(Full elections results can be found at

Winning 70-percent of the vote is bullet-proof evidence that voters have confidence in Mayor Coleman’s ability to create the “21st century city” that was the basis of his campaign. Either that, or voters were completely afraid of his fear-mongering, reactionary opponent.

That would be Todd, an established attorney who has lived in Central Ohio for 35 years. (He recently moved from Powell to the North Side in order to run in the election.)

What stuck most firmly in the minds of voters was Todd’s infamous radio ad. Among other elements, this ad, which gained citywide media attention, used: soundbites of a woman being raped; ominous voiceover; gunshots; and citations that per-capita rape rates were higher in Columbus than Los Angeles.

Other signs of a negative, attack-based campaign could be found on Todd’s website ( and in numerous TV spots that ran in the months before the campaign. Whatever Coleman said, Todd found faults with it.

This was not the man I met.


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