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Soine Vineyards Growing Grapes in Ohio’s Heartland

Walker Evans Walker Evans Soine Vineyards Growing Grapes in Ohio’s Heartland
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Wine making is a slow process, and getting into the business of growing grapes can take some time as well. The family behind Soine Vineyards got started 10 years ago, but spent their first five years getting their operations running before opening to the public to sell their wines. All of the grapes at Soine are estate-grown, which means that they come from the vineyards planted in Delaware County just north of Powell.

We spoke recently with Soine Winemaker Eric Sainey to find out more about his family’s business. Our full Q&A can be found below:

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Q: What can you tell us about the history of Soine Vineyards?

A: Soine Vineyards is owned and operated by the Sainey family. I am the winemaker and my father, Tim, manages the vineyard. We started the business in 2003, purchased a few trial vines and shortly thereafter began planting the vineyard in the spring of 2004. The whole thing started after a family vacation through one particular vineyard/winery along the coast of western Michigan. Inspired by the trip and my chemistry background (as well as a winemaking hobbyist), we decided to bring locally grown grapes and produced wine to Central Ohio. The winery and tasting room officially in April 2008 and we celebrated our five year anniversary this past spring.

Q: What types of wines are you best known for?

A: We are known for our award winning white wines and our medium to light-bodied red wines. Cayuga White, Traminette, and Chambourcin are our signature grapes. We have won awards for our Cayuga, Traminette, Riesling, and Fusion (sweet blush) wines.

Q: What would you say is most unique about your operations?

A: We are unique because we are only one of a few vineyards in the the Central Ohio region. Our wines have been commented to be very fresh and have lively flavors because we are able to harvest, process, and ferment our grapes and wines relatively quickly. Quick processing of newly harvested grapes keeps the flavors fresh which translates to higher quality wines.

Q: Being a relative newcomer to the industry, what do you think about the state of the Ohio wine industry in general right now?

A: The Ohio wine industry is definitely growing rapidly. The quality of wines is certainly getting better; and Ohio is becoming much more than a state that produces just pink, sweet, and fruity wines.

Q: In addition to growing grapes and processing wine, are your grounds open to the public to visit?

A: We conduct tours of the winery and vineyard for large and small groups. We have regular wine tastings on Friday nights and Saturdays all year long (check our website for hours, as they change seasonally). We have regular events at the tasting room, usually at least one large event per month.  In the summer time there is usually music in the vineyard on Saturdays. During autumn we feature vineyard tours where you can taste the grapes off of the vine. Winter we usually have a large winemaker’s dinner, chili cook-off, and a Valentine’s Day wine and food pairing; just to name a few events.

Q: Are there any other places where our readers can find your wines?

A: 95% of our sales come from the tasting room. We are also in a couple of Delaware and Powell restaurants, bars, and grocery locations.

For more information, visit www.soinevineyards.com.

Photo via Soine Vineyards.

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