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Snowville Creamery: For Lacto-Loving Locavores

 Mister MooCow
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I just noticed that the Clintonville Giant Eagle and Clintonville Community Market have started carrying milk from Snowville Creamery. Warren Taylor and his crew deliver non-homogenized whole milk (as well as 2% and skim) that comes from truly contented cows roaming the hills of Ohio, just down US 33. Note that the expiration dates on the cartons are only a week or two out– more like the ones we used to see before the dairy industrial complex started using ultra-pasteurization to keep weeks-old milk from curdling while it’s trucked across the country before it languishes a few more weeks on your refrigerator shelves (does anyone remember the treat of going to Lawson’s at least once a week to get fresh milk?).

Anyway, take a[nother] step toward satisfying the locavore within: support Ohio dairy farmers who are actively resisting the push to use rBST on their herds and pick up a 1/2 gallon (most definitely not packaged in petro-plastic, but rather in renewable/recyclable/biodegradable paperboard cartons).

Note: my only connection to Snowville Creamery is to have helped out with the Ohio Pawpaw Festival the year that the creamery sponsored the festival. Plus, I enjoy their pawpaw ice cream (served-up only once a year at the festival). Oh, and there’s that obvious bovine moniker thing I have going on.

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