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SKREENED Opening Local Retail Shop Soon

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Skreened.com is opening soon as a retail spot in clintonville.

We’ll sell custom tshirts, BUT thats where the plan ends.

FOR THE REST I TURN TO CU for some crowd-sourced ideas.

I’ve had the space in the office just east of cup-o-joe in clintonville for 9 months or so, and it’s been a great office. There is however some minimal foot traffic. So I thought we could experiment.

The costs are very minimal to transform the space and do what needs to be done.

The question is, what would you do. It’s almost totally up for grabs. I make custom tee shirts, but we can do other stuff too. play Wii, sell other shit, whatever.

If it fails, it’s no big deal at all. It’s just an elaborate retail game, right? The website it paying for the company, so this would just be a center to meet people and create fun and word of mouth, and maybe sell some more stuff too.

Does this excite anyone?

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