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Skreened Now Offering Printed Canvas, iPhone Cases

Melanie McIntyre Melanie McIntyre Skreened Now Offering Printed Canvas, iPhone Cases
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Daniel Fox launch Skreened in 2006 with a small credit card loan he used to purchase a T-shirt printer.

Since then, the Columbus-based on-demand T-shirt and apparel manufacturer has grown into, and out of, three locations and plans to take over additional space at its current home on Silver Drive− a move that will give its 30-plus employees room to spread out.

Skreened’s product line has grown as well, and now includes printed canvas and iPhone cases.

“Expanding into canvas printing and poster prints was a move designed to give artists more outlets for their work,” said Fox. “For our end customer, it means that they can outfit their homes with work from amazing indie artists around the world− and maybe even grab a matching shirt and iPhone case while they’re at it.”

Part of what attracted Fox to the T-shirt business is the idea that people’s clothes are pieces of their identity.

“Mobile tech has become such a part of our lives that expressing ourselves on these devices began to make sense as an evolution of the identity concept,” he said. “Additionally, it was something that could be monetized. Which I hear is important in most businesses.”

Skreened Microsites, which feature small, branded collections of products, are another way the company is helping artists.

Skreened tested the microsite concept internally before launching sites affiliated with artist and arts community leader Adam Brouillette and illustrator and graphic designer Doug Fordyce.

“We are very interested in working with artists on a one-on-one basis to see how this new technology can help monetize their art,” Fox said. “As we start building our portfolio of sites, our hope is to open it up to everyone later this year.”

About 15,000 people already sell merchandise through their own virtual Skreened shops. (Skreened handles payment, manufacturing, shipping, and customer service for the shopkeepers.)

“Obviously, the overall strategy and positioning of the company has begun to shift to focus more on the technology it takes to enable artists,” Fox said. “We expect that not only will our numbers and stats continue to grow at a healthy rate, but that the quality of art and our contribution to the lives of artists will increase as well.”

To learn more about Skreened Microsites, check out this article on TheMetropreneur.com.

Photos by Jon Burgess.

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