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Shuffle App Answers the Eternal Question of What Should We Do?

Susan Post Susan Post Shuffle App Answers the Eternal Question of What Should We Do?
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Whether you’re looking for the best boozy brunches, pre-Jackets game hot spots or the top sushi in town, Shuffle is putting recommendation after recommendation at users’ fingertips.

“Shuffle is a platform where you can create and discover Playlists of where to go and what to do,” says CEO Jacqueline Rinehardt.

Shuffle differentiates itself from other recommendation engines by nixing pay to play, aggregate opinions or algorithms, and instead relies on authentic, user-driven experiences and suggestions.

Favorite dive bars? Make a list. Restaurants to try? Make a list. Largely focused on food, drink, nightlife and other things to do, Rinehardt says it’s up to users to craft the scope of playlists. App users determine the length of the Playlist, too, with five to nine recommendations being the sweet spot.

Shuffle users can browse and favorite other individual’s Playlists. Favorited lists are saved under a user’s profile for easy access. Follow an individual and all of their Playlists will appear on the home Explore page.

Rinehardt expects there will be plenty of healthy debate over what spots are really the best. Disagree with a list? It’s all the more reason for users to pipe in with their own favorite spots.

Resident or visitor, Rinehardt wants Shuffle to be the go-to source to find things to do.

“I think there’s a large amount of people that are looking for things to do right in their backyard,” she says.

On the flip side, she’s eager for Shuffle to replace the way many of the app’s target audience of Millennials plan for trips. Instead of screen-shot-so-I-don’t-forget, users can make a list or take the advice of other Playlist creators. Based in Columbus, most of the early Playlists have been for Central Ohio, but Rinehardt is encouraging early users to make lists for places they have traveled of visited to expand the app’s reach.

Launching in late November, there are some updates still coming to the app like search, the ability to edit or delete Playlists and an up vote / down vote. Rinehardt is also curious to hear from users about what other features they would like to see.

The app is free to use, but will eventually partner with merchants and municipalities to curate playlists around their brands.

For more information or to download the app on iOS or Android, visit shuffleapp.io.

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